• 2012 November 24 d.
    Litter "H" kittens were born! We have six kittens: 3 boys and 3 girls.
    Father of kittens is Jungle Man's Alexander and mother - Justcoons Marlene Dietrich *DE
  • 2012 September 30 d.
    Today in our cattery came a new member - Laluna Firedevils *DE. We are very grateful by the excellent cat for Tanja from the cattery Firedevils (Germany).
  • 2012 August 31 d.
    Today was born "G" litter. Father of the kittens is CH DK* Jungle Man's Alexander and mother - ICH Dolce Fast & Furious *LT. This is the first litter for both: father and mother.
    We have just 2 kittens: red tabby boy and black tortie blotched with white girl. Kittens are very big and healthy.
  • 2012 April 7 d.
    We have achieved the second place in the ratings of the Best Lithuanian Catteries of 2011. Ratings of the cetteries are provided by VSI Lithuania Breeder Center LGAC. This great news for us was announced in the world cat show in Vilnius.
  • 2011 May 29 d.
    Young cat Justcoons Marlene Dietrich was star in WCF show in Riga. She won first place in WCF ring of Junior, by led one of the most famous Russian judges Anna Nazarova! At the next exhibition, Marlene will try luck in the WCF Master ring. Marlene also won the Best in show in junior cats group (BIS).
    Bajuncat's Quake achieved the Grand International champion title! All results are available in the shows site.
  • 2011 March 13 d.
    Incredible success in the World cat show (WCF)!
    March 12-13 we participated in the WCF World show in the in Warsaw. We presented Bajuncat’s Quake and Justcoons Marlene Dietrich. At this exhibition was many cats with highest evaluations. One of the judges was the president of WCF Anneliese Hackmann.
    We was surprised when the first day Marlene and Quake was nominated for Best in Show (BIS). Quake was nominated by the A. Hackmann. In the final of the show Quake get 4th place. On the second day Quake was nominated again for a BIS. This time, fared even better. Achieved 3rd place in Best of the Best. This is the highest achievement in the history of our cattery.
  • 2010 December 1 d.
    New kitty has gone to our cattery. This is a wonderful kitty Marlene. Full her name is Justcoons Marlene Dietrich. Thanks for her to the breeder Katharina Mager from Justcoons cattery (Germany).
    Marlene is a big kitty by its age, looks very promising. We look forward to her first exhibition.
    First photo of Marlene you can found in cat's section. Soon we will do a lot of her photos and will upload to photogallery.
  • 2010 May 12 d.
    Tonight we were born four powerful cats (boys) and a beautiful kitty (girl). This is our "C" litter. This litter's parents are GICH Bajuncat's Quake *RU and ICH Brazil Bellacoon *LT. All kittens are different colours. Everybody can choose his favourite kitten. More info on litters page.
  • 2010 March 28 d.
    We participated in an international cat show in Riga. Our big boy Bajuncat's Quake became Grand Inter Champion (GIC). His "wife" Brazil Bellacoon*Lt became Inter Champion (IC) and still only one step to GIC.
  • 2010 March 2 d.
    Today was born our second B litter from Bequeira Anadavo*PL and CH Bajuncat's Quake! Bequeira gave birth six big, healthy and beautiful kittens. To reserve or get more info about kittens please send e-mail to  More info on B litter page.

News archive

  • 2009 September 21 d.
    Our A litter twice won the award of best litter in the international cat show in Riga. The exhibition was held September 19-20.
    We are happy that all four kittens have been excellent evaluated of judges. For kittens are promised a great perspective. To our cats all the time of the exhibition was large group of interested visitors. Certainly not possible to be insensitive to these lovely babies!
  • 2009 July 5 d.
    Today was born our first A litter from Brazil and Quake! Brazil gave birth four beautiful kittens. The are all different - from black to various colors with white.
  • 2009 June 27 d.
    Our Brazil is pregnant! We waiting of litter from Quake and Brazil at first week of July. To be sure for health of kittens and to prepare to birth we done a analysis of echoscopy.
  • 2009 June 6 d.
    We participated in an international cat show in Riga. Her career started our White Princess Bequeira - it is the first exhibition. Start really good: the highest rating EX1 and Best Junior!
    Bajuncat's Quake also succeeded well. This is his first exhibition in the open (adult) class. He got the first CAC, and started to reach the champion title. Quake was also nominated in the Best in Show, but not become winner - too strong competitor :)
    All ratings of our cats in the Awards section.
  • 2009 April 18 d.
    In our home arrive new member - beautiful Maine coon pussy white princess Bequeira from Croatia Anadavo cattery.
  • 2009 March 7-8 d.
    We participated in an international cat show in Riga and presented the Maine coon cattery "Fast & Furious." The exhibition is attended by nearly 600 cats from all the Baltic countries, Poland and Russia. Achieving Results:
    Cat Brazil participated in the open (adult) class, and got 2 x CAC (the highest assessment of breed, 3 CAC = Champion), and one day was nominated to BIS (Best in Show).
    Cat Quake participated in the Junior (6-10 months) class and got a 2 X EX1 (the highest assessment of breed) and was twice nominated for the BIS. Quake participated in a special contest WCF (World Cat Federation) ring and won a 5-place.
    The judges highly praised Quake, and promised him amazing career.
    Our cats were evaluated of WCF international category judges from Italy, Denmark, Germany, and Russia.
    Photos of show.
  • 2008-11-30
    In Riga's international cat show our cat Brazil got BIV and NOM BIS assessments!
    Photos of show.
  • 2008-10-19
    In Vilnius international cat show our cat Brazil became winner of „Best in Show Junior“.