Maine Coon cattery  
"Fast & Furious"


Photos of the kittens

Kittens of I litter:

Litter I

Kittens of H litter:

Kitten Hans playng:

H kittens

Kittens of G litter:

G Litter 10.21
G Litter 9.21

Justcoons Marlene Dietrich photos:

Justcoons Marlene Dietrich *DE

"C" litter:

C litter

2010-04-17 Litter B - we have 7 weeks

200-04-18 Litter B - play time of two brothers:

2010-03-06 Litter B video:

2009-11-28 cat Afera from litter A:


2009-11-25 cat Anigra from litter A:


2009-08-20 Litter A 46 days:

2009-07-30 Photos of litter A:

2009-05-10 Quake and Bequeira:

Please listen to the purr of our cat Bajuncats Quake.

Moments from the shows