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Unfortunately, our cattery is closed...

Why is a good idea to choose a cattery „Fast & Furious“?

We focus on quality because breeding of Maine Coon cats for us is hobby, not a business. We admire this breed, so we want to give happiness for your home with the kitten from our cattery.
We stand for the maintenance of breed purity. We breeding under the strictest guidelines, we buy the cats from best catteries and follow the breed standards. Our kittens will grow really strong and healthy. We have the most professional vet care and the best quality food for our Maine Coons.
We do not sell our kittens to whatever. We are concerned that the new family member will be loved. Before we sold a kitten we communicate with prospective buyers and make sure that the decision of buyer is right and new home will be eligible for a kitten.
After the sale of the kitten we really not leave you alone. We are always ready to advise you and help. If you will encounter difficulties and will not be able to hold the kitten we can take it back.

Why is a good idea to choose Maine Coon cat?

• Maine Coon - the largest domestic cat breed.
• Wild beauty and home character in one body.
• Not afraid of water.
• May be friends with the dog.
• Most adult cats are lazy but the Maine Coon is active and playful all life.
• Maine Coon is the most intelligent breed of cats. They can learn to "talk" with their owners and understand what you want from him.
• Maine Coon is a peaceful. If you accidentally harm - cat will forgive you.
• You are afraid that the cat will meow continuously and interfere with your sleep? Maine Coon almost not meow and has its own specific "language" - more like a purr.

Do not forget us when discussing to acquire a kitten!


Breeder: Mrs. Jurga Kulvietienė
+370 611 48798
Lithuania, Vilnius region.

Jurga Kulvietienė

About us

Our cattery was founded in 2008. We are located in Lithuania, Vilnius region. We have good environment for cat breeding - a large suburban house with garden, the suppliers of the quality food, professional vet supervision. We provide for the cats environment to move, play and learn about the world.
Our cattery is engaged only in breeding of the Maine Coon breed cats.
Maine Coons in Lithuania are relatively new breed, but rapidly gaining popularity. We help for this breed to be popular.

Contact us

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